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Animal Communicator



Do you want to connect with your family pet? Are you wondering if your pet is trying to tell you something? Do you have a pet in the Spirit World?

During an animal communication session, I will read your pet's energy or connect you with your pet in spirit. I can connect with them and help you understand what they need you to know. I can also connect with your deceased pets and relay messages of love, compassion, and healing from the other side.


Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium Kelley Eckhardt can address the following in a Sessions:

  • Connection with your pet in spirit.

  • Health – is their stomach bothering them? Are they happy with their food? Do they have pain anywhere in their body….

  • Behavior – why are they acting out? What is upsetting them?

  • Relationships with the family or other pets in the home.

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