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The Love and Light Center was created by Kelley Eckhardt. We are an empowering, warm, and loving environment of like-minded people who gather to learn and grow spiritually. Our goal is to grow fellow souls through classes, events, and inspiration from the spiritual community as a whole. A non-judgmental center for learning, growing, and teaching those on their path to their higher self.

Our Next Event will be in January, please check back for details and available readers.

Healing Practitioners - Highly Recommended by Medium Kelley

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Patty Gonzales

Spiritual Medium

and Energy Healer

$100 for 25 min Session

Spiritual Life Coach Patty Gonzales has always been intuitive since her early childhood. As a teen she became more aware of her spiritual abilities. She often had vivid dreams that would come true as well as visits from people who have passed on. As an adult, Patty felt compelled to cultivate and grow her abilities. She began to develop with many Arthur Findlay tutors and took numerous development courses over the years to enhance her spiritual gifts.

Some of her noteworthy mentors and teachers are Andy Byng, Chris Drew, and Jen Gilchrist. Through her years of development, Patty received her certificate of completion for an 18-month mentorship with Andy Byng.

Loving what she does, Patty has a passion to help others. She believes everyone is born with intuitive abilities and, with guidance, they can be of assistance to many, including themselves. Patty’s mission is to help her clients on their healing journey. She is available to help you learn more about spirituality, life after death, archangels, and having the power to heal.

Patty is certified by James Van Praagh’s course “Mediumship Certification Level II.” Patty plans to continue her development in the years to come.


Trina Giacomo

Psychic Medium

and Energy Healer

$100 for 25 min Session

Trina is an intuitive medium who has a passion for helping people connect to their loved ones. She believes that through the beautiful gift of mediumship people can heal, find peace and know that their loved ones are still with them, even if they are no longer physically here.

With her passion for mediumship, Trina uses her ability to help people with many different life issues. Using her gifts and with passion, she helps give people guidance, find closer, peace and to reconnect with those they love the most. Trina feels that the messages from the spirit world are important and she is blessed to be able to share them with others.


Trina’s passion for this work keeps her striving to be the best she can be. She will continue to develop her ability for years and years to come. With her years of development Trina has begun working with others to help them on their path to becoming a medium. She has dedicated her gift to help as many people as she can on their journey. Trina is located in the Greater Sacramento area.

Trina completed an 18 month mediumship training with world reknowned medium Andy Byng. 

Trina is currently working on completing the NSAC Certified Mediumship Course through the Morris Pratt Institute.

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Cherie Llacuna

Reiki Master Healer

$50 for 25 min Session

Oracle Card Reader

$100 for 25 min Session

Cherie Llacuna is the owner of Llacuna Matata Reiki, located in Marysville, California.  She is trained as a Holy Fire III Karuna® Master, Animal Reiki Master, Certified Medical Reiki Master™ and Aka Dua Practitioner.  She has successfully performed Reiki on people, animals, and even plants.  She is able to do healing both in-person and long-distance. 


Cherie is a great believer in the healing power of laughter.  She believes that in today's "busyness", it is all too easy to get caught up in the "stuff".  This leads to our bodies putting themselves in survival mode, and internalizing the stress so we are able to make it through the day.  Cherie uses Reiki to release the "busyness" so you can focus on what really matters in your life.

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