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The Love and Light Center was created by Kelley Eckhardt. We are an empowering, warm, and loving environment of like-minded people who gather to learn and grow spiritually. Our goal is to grow fellow souls through classes, events, and inspiration from the spiritual community as a whole. A non-judgmental center for learning, growing, and teaching those on their path to their higher self.

We hold a monthly Open House where you can purchase Crystals, get a reading or a healing. The below practitioners are all highly recommended by Kelley Eckhardt.

Our Healing Practioners


Joy Snipes

Energy Healing

$50 for 20 min Session


Services Offered:

  • Craniosacral Therapist

  • Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher

  • Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner

  • Meditation Facilitator

  • Intuitive

My passion is to empower my clients to restore their health and well-being, whether through Reiki energy healing, Craniosacral Therapy, meditation practices or helping you connect to your own inner guidance. My healing sessions generally incorporate and integrate my experience with the several healing modalities that I have trained in. I believe everyone has an innate ability to meet and recover from their challenges and live a more fulfilled, balanced life.

Joy Snipes:

  • Typically see clients in her private studio, but also facilitates many remote healing sessions in all parts of the world – remote sessions are just as effective as in-person

  • Works with all ages who are interested in an effective, safe, complementary healing modality to traditional western medicine

  • Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of California at Davis

  • Has spent the past 35 years as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist working in the UC Davis Clinical Laboratories

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Jessica Nichole

Psychic Medium
and Energy Healing

$100 for 25 min Session

   Psychic Medium and Energy Healer Jessica Nichole has been using her gift of healing for over a decade. Jessica is a mother of four and a loving partner to her extremely supportive spouse. Her need to heal and explore all that comes along in that journey is what led her to developing her intuitive gifts.


At the young age of three Jessica nearly lost her life due to a traumatic head injury; This led doctors to believe that if she were to survive, she could lose not only her communication skills, but her ability to walk as well. Within two weeks Jessica was up walking around and sharing her messages with the world. From that point on, she has had a very close relationship with spirit in ways that have shocked many.


   Jessica Nichole has expanded her awareness to better serve others by studying at Berkeley Psychic Institute for several years, as well as studying under some incredibly talented psychic mediums such as: Michael Mayo, Alan Wellman, and Kelley Eckhardt, to name a few. Jessica's goal is to help those in search of purpose, and to discover a better understanding to whatever weighs heavy on their heart. She enjoys creating a realistic picture to the things that mean so much to her clients. Whether that is connecting them to a loved one in spirit, or helping her clients better understand a situation. She is always willing to help others discover their path. Jessica's soul goal is to leave those she has encountered with a fuller heart and a brighter look on life, as well as their own personal power.


Trina Giacomo

Psychic Medium

and Energy Healer

$100 for 25min Session

Trina is an intuitive medium who has a passion for helping people connect to their loved ones. She believes that through the beautiful gift of mediumship people can heal, find peace and know that their loved ones are still with them, even if they are no longer physically here.

With her passion for mediumship, Trina uses her ability to help people with many different life issues. Using her gifts and with passion, she helps give people guidance, find closer, peace and to reconnect with those they love the most. Trina feels that the messages from the spirit world are important and she is blessed to be able to share them with others.


Trina’s passion for this work keeps her striving to be the best she can be. She will continue to develop her ability for years and years to come. With her years of development Trina has begun working with others to help them on their path to becoming a medium. She has dedicated her gift to help as many people as she can on their journey. Trina is located in the Greater Sacramento area.

Trina completed an 18 month mediumship training with world reknowned medium Andy Byng. 

Trina is currently working on completing the NSAC Certified Mediumship Course through the Morris Pratt Institute.