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During the reading, Kelley will provide information about your spirit’s personality, including what they liked and disliked, and unique characteristics about them that serve as evidence that it is truly your spirit loved one who is coming through in the reading. Kelley may also provide information about your loved one’s history growing up, their family situation, their marital status, and if they had any children or pets as well as how they passed and their relationship with you.  Along with all this evidence, Kelley will bring through messages of love from the spirit world.  In a typical reading, you can expect Kelley to connect to 2 or more of your spirit family.

An Evidential Mediumship reading can help you in the grieving process, provide some closure to any unfinished business with your loved one(s), and peace of mind knowing that your loved one is still with you. There is no guarantee who may show up to your reading.

EXPRESS READINGS:  If you prefer not to wait, a limited number of express readings are available for scheduling a reading within the week. Please email me for availability at this time.

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15 Min Reading


Phone Only


Express Reading

30 Min Express $ 275

50 Min Express $375

Phone Only