• Kelley Eckhardt

Spirituality And Judgement

There are so many different beliefs among people who practice spirituality. The definition of Spirituality is “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” This definition doesn’t exactly spell it out in detail now does it. When you talk to different spiritual people, each one seems to have their own idea of what is spirituality and how to live a spiritual life. Being a Medium, I would consider myself a spiritual person. I have found that among my own peers of other mediums and healers, there are also different theories about Spirits, the afterlife, ghost, protection, evil spirits, sacred spaces, what we should and should not eat, how to pray, to meditate and the list goes on and on…. With all these rules or ideas, seems like we would lose our own individuality and creativity, which are keys to our own spiritual journey as a Medium or healer.

I often wonder why we all have so many different points of view. I know that my point of view isn’t always the typical, however, I must live authentically, and this is what I know and have experienced. I believe the reason we have many different understandings of spirituality and what it means to be spiritual has to do with our own perspective and how things have happened to us in our life. I also know, that as I grow, develop and experience life, my own perspective, understanding and beliefs can change or evolve as well. Isn’t this what being human is all about; Learning from our experiences, evolving as a soul?

I am the youngest of 5 children, we grew up in a very dysfunctional home with a lot of abuse. When my siblings and I all get together and talk about our childhood, we all have different memories and perspectives. Are we all wrong? No, this is how each one of us perceived the experiences that we went through in our family. I am not wrong in how I remember things, and they are not wrong in how they remember things. We all need to heal in our own way. Just like in families, when it comes to spirituality, as a spiritual community we should respect each other’s different perspectives, it is all part of our individual journey.

I often see online post about how one should practice, about how irresponsible it is if we don’t do this or that in our practice. Here is the thing, who made us the judge? We don’t’ know the truth of what is right or wrong in spiritual practice until we go to the other side of the veil, we are working on our own experiences, understanding, journey and education. We can only work authentically for our journey.

Perhaps you feel like some mediums or healers are not helping people the way you feel they should, again this is your perspective. I believe that the universe brings the people to us that we can help. I trust the universe; it has always led me in the right direction in life. As Mediums and Healers, we can’t help everyone; some won’t resonate with us and I believe this is the reason we are all so different in our beliefs and practices. Just my perspective and thoughts on this subject, sending everyone love and light on your journey in life and spirituality.

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