Please Note: I will provide you with the room number and parking information the day before your appointment. 



These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping to identify and sort out your current blocks/issues in your life. Kelley provides you with information and guidance to empower you to make your own decisions.  Kelley is a firm believer that we create our own reality with our own thoughts. She does not predict your future, she only provides you information that can help you identify a direction or path.  Get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and so much more.  Kelley can help you on your path to self-discovery, happiness, and love.  



50 min

During the reading, Kelley will provide information about your spirit’s personality, including what they liked and disliked, and unique characteristics about them that serve as evidence that it is truly your spirit loved one who is coming through in the reading. Kelley may also provide information about your loved one’s history growing up, their family situation, their marital status, and if they had any children or pets as well as how they passed and their relationship with you.  Along with all this evidence, Kelley will bring through messages of love from the spirit world.  In a typical reading, you can expect Kelley to connect to 2 or more of your spirit family.

An Evidential Mediumship reading can help you in the grieving process, provide some closure to any unfinished business with your loved one(s), and peace of mind knowing that your loved one is still with you. There is no guarantee who may show up to your reading.


Small Group Reading

2 Hr Event

Join Medium Kelley Eckhardt for 2 hours of messages from your loved ones in spirit. Experience Kelley as she brings through evidence of life after death and loving messages from your spirit family.  Everyone in attendance is guaranteed to receive at least one connection to a departed loved one or an Intuitive Psychic Question.

$85.00 per person

Host a Small Group Event 

2 Hr Event

This event can be at Kelley's hotel located at the Residence Inn - Rocklin or in the comfort of your own home (additional $50.00 drive time and must be with in 10 miles of my hotel). 


  • The host will receive a free 25-min Phone/Zoom Reading to be scheduled for a time after the party.

  • Each Guest will get a 30% Coupon to book a 50 min Reading with Kelley to be scheduled for a time after the party.



$200 deposit secures your event. The remainder $650 will be due on day of event and an be paid in cash or credit card.

minimum of 5 people  and max of 10 people.


(949) 259-5532

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