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Kelley Eckhardt

Evidential Medium | Psychic | Animal Communicator | Author | Speaker

Medium Kelley Eckhardt

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Medium Kelley Eckhardt

About Me

Whether this is your first visit to Kelley Eckhardt's site, or you’re a returning visitor, We would like to thank you for believing. Kelley is a professional evidential medium and ordained minister with years of experience. She has been blessed with unique abilities that allow her to connect with the spiritual realm and provide evidence of life after death as well as healing messages for her clients and the spirit world. 

Kelley helps others on their own path to self-discovery, happiness, and love; and She Is willing and ready to help you. Together you will journey into your soul to find the answers you are looking for. 

Amazon's #1 Best Selling Co-Author
Co-Authored by Mediums From Around The World
Kelley's Chapter in the book is 33

The Last Breath True Stories....

Join us on a magical journey of the soul, where professional mediums from around the world share their experiences of the afterlife and spirit communication. The stories in this book provide validation that our soul continues to survive, long after the death of our physical body. Our departed loved ones are not gone; they are alive and well in the Spirit World. They continue to watch over us, supporting and guiding from the Other Side. You can learn to connect with them through mediumship, spirit signs & synchronicities.

The Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven
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Amazon's #1 Best Selling Co-Author
Signs & Synchronicities: True Stories that Empower & Inspire


"Signs & Synchronicities" is a collection of inspiring stories of profound connection. The contributors of this book generously share their beautiful and vulnerable experiences, illuminating the power of divine guidance in our lives.

Allow these inspiring tales be a roadmap, providing evidence of the unseen forces that shape our lives. Open your heart and mind to an undeniable truth: We are not alone, and the Universe always has our back. Magic exists in the everyday moments of life!

Signs & Synchronicities: ​True Stories that Empower & Inspire
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"When we transition to the spirit world, our spirit, which is the essence of who we are, continues.  This journey is the advancement and evolution of our soul, and our death is just a step on our spiritual journey.  Death is not the end, it is merely a beginning of a new stage on our spiritual journey."


I finally had my first reading with Kelley! It was a fast 15 minutes but she provided amazing information. Kelley connected me to my grandma and great grandmother and provided accurate details. Without providing her with any information she knew about my vivid dreams and visitations from the deceased within my dreams. She knew about my daughters vivid dreaming as well and offered guidance and referrals to help develop our connection and healing capabilities. Kelley has an incredible gift and I'm grateful for all the insight and connection to my loved ones that she provided. THANK YOU KELLEY!

Caitlin Kelly

I had a really good medium reading with Kelly on December 1st, 2020. I heard from my husband’s grandmother, my brother and my beloved beautiful daughter. Grief is a painful thing to deal with on a daily basis. I do receive signs from my daughter, however a reading is a way to connect that I can’t do on my own. These readings give me some relief from the grief. I believe that I am going to see my loved ones again one day. My daughter said happy birthday to my dad (her grandpa) who is having a birthday in two weeks and she also said happy birthday to her step-dad who is having a birthday in January. She also asked me to get in touch with a friend of hers that she had a fight with. She didn’t want that friend to feel bad about that fight anymore. She said she didn’t want her friend living with that burden. I know I was talking to these three beautiful souls. Kelly brought them through to me and I greatly appreciate that.

Michelle Royall

Kelley did small group readings here in our town, I'm not sure how she's not exhausted after, but she was able to bring me details of two of my late and very loved family members. There was no way to guess the information she shared with me. I was not the only person she touched with amazing messages from loved ones, but I walked away from it with a lighter heart and belief in her. I was so very grateful!

Artis Redding

Kelley was able to connect me to my mom after her very recent passing. She provided names, a very accurate description of my mom, messages that came from my mom without a doubt, and reassurance that my mom is happy with her loved ones on the other side. I wasn't sure what to expect from the reading but it exceeded my hopes beyond words. Thank you Kelley!

Tracy P

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