My Story

As a child, Kelley struggled with understanding her intuitive abilities. In the years that followed, Kelley realized she had premonition dreams - the experience of seeing things before they happen. These dreams would not go away, yet she tried to give up hearing her intuition.

Unable to ignore her gift, Kelley found her true calling. When her youngest son started having trouble sleeping and showing signs of the gift, Kelley knew it was time to return to the Medium within her to help her son and others with this shared gift.


She studied with experts and teachers and educated herself about her abilities. Kelley continues her development as her gift evolves. Today, Kelley is a Certified Advanced Psychic Medium.


On Mother’s Day weekend, 2016, Kelley’s oldest son Ron (RJ), passed away at the age of 20.  Kelley feels her own experience with grief and healing provides her with true insight and a closer relationship with the spirit world.


In addition to working as a Psychic Medium, Kelley holds workshops, is a conference guest speaker, and is a regular expert on an iheart radio program. Kelley resides in Huntington Beach, California, with her husband and youngest son.

Looking To The Stars

(949) 259-5532

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