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Medium Kelley's weekly one-on-one readings are in high demand, so act fast! We currently offer Phone/Zoom readings, ensuring your comfort and convenience.


But wait, there's more! Starting in October, we're now scheduling In Person Readings! Hurry, spots are limited and filling up fast. If you can't wait, check out my Express Readings for the chance to have an In Person reading sooner.

Stay in the loop by keeping an eye on our events page, following us on social media, and subscribing to our newsletter. And that's not all! We also have Family/Friend Readings for groups of 3-5 people (currently online, but stay tuned for In Person events), Small Group Readings (6-10 people max), and a lineup of thrilling upcoming events. Watch our schedule as it gets updated weekly.


  • If you have a gift certificate, please send an email to and we will send you a special link to use to book your appointment.​

If you are interested in learning more about your own intuition and spiritual gifts, please see Kelley's CLASS schedule.

Schedule Below

Mediumship Reading

Kelley is an Evidential Medium, dedicated to providing proof of life after death. With her unique approach, Kelley seeks to provide evidence that spirit communication is real and can be a powerful source of comfort for those who have lost loved ones. By making sure she does not know any information about the person she is communicating with or their connection with their deceased loved one, Kelley ensures that all messages come from the spirit world directly. Through her sessions, Kelley hopes to bring through meaningful memories and connections between people in this world and those in the afterlife.

25 min Phone / Zoom Reading $225

25 min In-Person Reading $275

7.7.2015 Kelley E-127-Final Del.jpg

Animal Talk Readings

Do you want to connect with your family pet? Are you wondering if your pet is trying to tell you something? Do you have a pet in the Spirit World?

During an animal communication session, I will read your pet's energy or connect you with your pet in spirit. I can connect with them and help you understand what they need you to know. I can also connect with your deceased pets and relay messages of love, compassion, and healing from the other side.


Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium Kelley Eckhardt can address the following in a Sessions:

  • Connection with your pet in spirit.

  • Health – is their stomach bothering them? Are they happy with their food? Do they have pain anywhere in their body….

  • Behavior – why are they acting out? What is upsetting them?

  • Relationships with the family or other pets in the home.

25 min Phone / Zoom Reading $225

25 min In-Person Reading $275


Family / Friends Reading
Via Zoom

This is for a Mediumship Reading for 3 to 5 Family members or a Friend Group trying to connect with the same family or friends.

(if more than 5 people, please book a Small Group Reading)

60 min Zoom Reading


At this time I am only offering these readings on Phone/Zoom, please keep an eye out for when I offer them In Person at my Sacramento Office.


Psychic Readings

Kelley specializes in helping people gain understanding of their lives and the decisions they have to make. Through her personalized approach she provides tools and techniques that empower individuals to make informed choices about their future. She believes that we all create our own reality through our thoughts, and does not predict futures but rather helps clients identify potential paths forward. Kelley will support you as you explore topics such as family relationships, love life, finances, career goals, health concerns and more. 

25 min Phone / Zoom Reading $225

25 min In-Person Reading $275


Relationship Compatibility

Psychic Medium Kelley provides you with a Compatibility Reading to help you with your business and personal relationships.

Are you looking to do business with someone new?

Do you have a new client?

Maybe your client is aloof? 

Are you having trouble reading situations with people in business and in your life?

Are you just starting to get to know someone and want to make sure this is a relationship you should put your energy into?

Are you in a love relationship and feeling stuck?

Using her unique intuitive abilities, names you provide her and/or pictures, Kelley can tap into the energies of two people or into a business partnership to see how compatible they are together. This can be extremely helpful when you are unsure of a relationship or partnership and you need some guidance and clarity.

25 min Phone / Zoom Reading $225

25 min In-Person Reading $275


Small Group Readings

2 hour long events where everyone in attendance receives a reading. Limited to 8 ppl max (minimum of 6 ppl)

Prices start at $800 and up.

Please go to my Small Group Readings page for more information.

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