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How Positive Thinking Leads to Happiness, Gratitude, and Joy

When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade. If there’s water in my cup, I see it as half full. That’s the way I’ve come to be, an optimist looking at the bright side of life.

Over the years I have come to understand that I have a choice, I can find joy in the little things in life or indulge in entertaining negativity. We’re all guilty of allowing things that are outside of ourselves to affect our mood, it’s human!

However, I find myself becoming more aware of the epidemic that is negative thinking. If we want to have more happiness and joy in our lives, then we need to shift our mindset. By changing our approach and our way of thinking, we invite more abundance and bliss into our experience.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Our thoughts shape the world around us. We can take charge of our circumstances or we can pretend that life is happening to us. Our physical reality is a reflection of what we are feeling on the inside.

Although negative moments may rear their ugly head, how we decide to deal with them determines our character. By finding and honing-in on our inner strength we become invincible. Positive energy works like magic, it gives us a new perspective and raises our consciousness.

We can experience all the joy and love that life has to offer if we do the work and chose to be positive. No matter where we are or what is taking place in the present moment, we have an innate power like no other. Our mind is a tool that we can utilize to our advantage and elevate our being.

To cultivate positive energy is to delve into an awakening that pushes us to tap into what lies beyond the ego. It strengthens the love that we have for ourselves and changes the way that we see the world. Positive thinking sets the foundation for more contentment.

Life Lessons

The ups and downs of life can take their toll on the best of us. Although things may get hard, finding the silver lining in any situation will leave us feeling more fulfilled and at peace. If we look closely enough, we can see the goodness in any circumstance.

Looking back on the past with sadness and anger does not serve us. If Spirit has taught me anything it is that looking forward with positivity is the best use of our energy. The biggest regret that they have shared with me is the time that they had wasted engaging in negativity.

Holding grudges, worrying, and reveling in our negative emotions puts us out of alignment with who we are. Life is too short, if we listen closely to the wisdom that Spirit shares, we can thrive and progress as people. They are constantly reminding us to have faith and trust in the Universe.

Many years ago, I suffered a great loss when my son departed this earth. It was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me. However, through my grief and pain, I turned it into one of the greatest growth opportunities in my life.

I had to make healthy decisions that would enable me to move forward. His passing taught me many life lessons, instead of focusing on my pain, I became grateful for the love that we shared for the 20 years that he was on this earth. I felt grateful that I was able to have such a magnificent person in my life.

I look back at our memories with fondness and live in the present where I am building a new relationship with him in the spirit world. I honor him through my life’s work by offering readings that can help parents and grief-stricken clients who are going through an ordeal. Reflection and positive thinking have allowed me to turn my pain into an opportunity to heal others.

One of the most important and impactful things that we can do is to find the positives in life along with practicing gratitude. Being thankful for everything that we have contributes to our happiness, health, and prosperity. It enriches our lives in ways that go far beyond the surface level.

Messages From Spirit

My spiritual beliefs have set the tone for the outcome of my life. Through the good and the bad, I am reminded that I am the creator of my world and my reaction to life’s events determines the impact that it will have. Armed with this knowledge, I have been able to attract more blessings and help people on their journey.

Never has anyone in history benefited from negative thinking. It pollutes the mind and breaks down the high vibrational essence that makes us spiritual beings. The more love and joy we feel, the closer we are to our true selves.

Every day I am reminded of my power. When I choose to see the good in any situation, I feel more connected to Source. The gratitude that I express on a daily basis is rewarded with a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with my higher power.

As a psychic medium, my work is centered around reading energies. When I am feeling positive and my mood reflects my thoughts, I can tap into the messages that I receive from above with ease. The effortless flow of high vibrational energy that stems from positive thinking empowers not only myself but also my clients.

We are always being guided, the ethereal beings and Spirits around us are working to restore our hope and faith. The support that they offer during dark times can help us to see the light. With an open heart and mind, we can begin to see the positives in our circumstances.

This is what Spirt wants to convey to us. It is possible to live a life where we can survive the most unimaginable pain and through the ruins, we can find beauty within. Tomorrow has the potential to be brighter than the day before, how we chose to look at it determines whether or not it will be.

Psychic Readings

There are several things that we can do to help us adopt positive habits and develop our way of thinking. Through trial and error, I have discovered the best method that can encourage positive thoughts and build upon personal development.

Like many, I had struggled with blocks that were preventing me from tuning into the pure potential of positive thinking. By tapping into Spirit, I was able to heal old wounds and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

My psychic abilities have allowed me to help others by using these same methods. Regular readings can help us to deal with stagnant energy, limiting beliefs, and any issues that we are facing in our lives.

Once we are able to clear old energy and do the work that is needed, we open the door to new possibilities. A positive life is only a thought away, we simply need to go within to change our physical reality.

The magic that we possess can move mountains and part oceans. We are eternal beings, our everlasting spirit and power combined with gratitude and positive thinking can create miracles and bring happiness and joy to all around us.

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